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Portrait Enhancements

At Golden Key Graphics we offer top notch retouching, delivered on time all for a fraction of the cost of paying in house retouching teams.

Golden Key offers a great advantage to speed up your post production and reduce your costs.

Golden Key should be your outsourcing team of choice


Fields of work in

which we can assist:

  • Portrait & Still life retouching:

  • Food Photography

  • Landscape

  • Product Photography

  • Commercial work

  • Pet Photography

  • Maternity Shoot

  • E-Commerce Product

  • Fashion Shows

  • New Born Photography

  • Boudoir Photography

  • Events

  • Social media sites

Fashion Beauty
Beautiful view from Fansipan Mountain with a temple



Kimono Fashion

Common Portrait Editing by our artists:

  • Smooth Wrinkles

  • Remove Spots and Blemishes

  • Fix and Tidy Stray Hair

  • Removal of Freckles

  • Teeth Whitening and Repair

  • Body reshaping (larger, thinner, curves, etc)

  • Tattoo and Tan Line Removal

  • Opening eyes

  • Swapping faces

  • Adding/Removing Subjects

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