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About Us

Part of the family of Golden Key Graphic Design, Vietnam. Mostly made up of disabled employees they specialize in image enhancement and 2D & 3D design

“We, the ones who are challenged, need to be heard.

To be seen not as a disability,

but as a person who has and will continue to bloom.

To be seen not only as a handicap,

but as a well intact human being.”

 — Robert M. Hensel

Founded in 2004 , Golden Key Graphics was one of the first businesses in Quang Trung Software City, Vietnam.

The brainchild of Mr. Van Cong Buu Ton.  Mr. Ton had a son with Cerebral Palsy and had started Golden Key with the aim of providing a safe and comfortable workplace for employees with disabilities, growing Golden Key into a large, successful and well respected professional photo retouching centre.  In 2014 Mr Ton met Mrs. Ngọc Bích and they formed a close friendship since Mrs. Bích also had a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy.  She had the same drive, enthusiasm as Buu as well as a caring spirit towards the staff of Golden Key.

In 2016 Buu decided to pursue a new future in the USA and not wanting the staff of Golden Key to be without a future he passed the baton over to Ngoc who now runs the operation here.

Over 80% of the employees are deaf, mute or disabled. Her main goal is to continue the development of Golden key and to provide a great opportunity and wonderful workplace for these special people. Over the past few years she has formed strong connections with many social service centers. offering vocational training and share work when possible. Many deaf people know and wait for job opportunities from us. Our goal at Golden Key is to grow larger to be able to provide a wonderful working family for these exceptional people. Please support us.

Our Clients

Some of the wonderful clients we have consistently worked with over the years

Johnny Dang & Co.jpg
Delray Watch Co.jpg
Gray & Sons.jpg
We would love to add you to this list

The wonderfully talented staff at Golden Key utilize the latest technology and techniques to enhance your images creating designs that will captivate both you and your customers alike.

The staff here are extremely loyal, enthusiastic, diligent and hard working, having had obstacles to overcome in their lives they appreciate the opportunities here at Golden Key and that is all reflected in their output.

How we communicate feedback and project info

How we communicate feedback and project info

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